"Ghost In The Shell - Genga Shuu" artbook coming this week in Japan.

Storyboards of Howl’s Moving Castle, by Mamoru Hosoda (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars, Wolf Children).

Hosoda was supposed to direct this Ghibli movie, but was fired during production, and replaced by Hayao Miyazaki.

(images come from 2008 Mandarake auction)

So it’s now official :
Studio Ghibli is stopping production of animated feature films, according to producer Toshio Suzuki on MBS channel,
But it’s not the end of Studio Ghibli.
According to my informations, they will keep a small staff for Hayao Miyazaki projects.
And also the “Momonoma” department, which is Yoshiyuki Momose staff for production of commercials, music videos …
Momonoma artists are already freelance, and this is the reality : most of Studio Ghibli staff today are employees, with long term contracts.
Studio Ghibli can’t pay this staff if there’s no more Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata (expensive but profitable) movies on the way.
Ghibli cost too much today, so they’re just stopping the current system.
Before Porco Rosso, Studio Ghibli staff was freelance.
They’re coming back to this previous system.
It’s a restart, like Hoshino and Suzuki said.
Now they will focus on licensing, and Ghibli Museum.
And wait for new viable projects.

So let’s wait & see.

Note : French magazines Le Monde and Liberation already talked about this information many months ago.

(Source : someoneone.blog116.fc2.com)

Stills & artworks of Little Houdini animated TV special (52’) directed at Dandeloo studio by Cedric Babouche (artistic director of Yona Yona Penguin, and director of upcoming TV series of Ernest & Celestine)

CG looks nice in new SpongeBob movie Sponge Out of Water.

1st trailer for new SpongeBob movie “Sponge Out of Water”.

Kill la Kill garage kit by Odeya.

Some stuff I bought these days during a trip in London.

Satoshi Kon - Editing Space & Time

Tony Zhou : “Four years after his passing, we still haven’t quite caught up to Satoshi Kon, one of the great visionaries of modern film. In just four features and one TV series, he developed a unique style of editing that distorted and warped space and time. Join me in honoring the greatest Japanese animator not named Miyazaki.”

1st (CG) picture of new SpongeBob animated feature film “Sponge Out of Water” (2015).

(Source : USA Today)