Gundam Reconguista in G eyecatches animated by Ayumi Kurashima.

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Gobelins 2014 graduation films are now online.

Sculptures by Andrea Blasich for production of The Dam Keeper animated short-film directed by Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo.

I bought four Kill la Kill books from japanese Comiket festival.

- The Art ok KLK vol 1 (150 pages) : artworks and concept designs

- Kill la Kill Genga Shuu (200 pages) : key animations drawings, layouts, storyboards, key arts …

- Sushio 4.5 (34 pages) : key animations drawings

- Talking About Composite 2  (46 pages) : about compositing + interviews

All these books are dojins, self published by animators and studios, and not available in stores.


Under the Dog japanese animated series project directed by Masahiro Ando (Sword of the Stranger) on Kickstarter.

65 hours left and they only need 15 000 $. Please support them.

[edit] : PROJECT FUNDED :-) !

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From Kill la Kill episode 25.

From Kill la Kill episode 25.

From Kill la Kill episode 25.

Kill la Kill episode 25 is out.

"Making The Dam Keeper: The Life of a Shot"

Some drawings of Yasuhiro Nakura, director of Space Dandy episode 21.
He was character-designer and animation director on Metropolis and Memol.
He also worked a lot on Tenshi No Tamago, Moomins, and was animator on Laputa. (note : his artbook is gorgeous)