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Stills from “A Tribute to Satoshi Kon” french exhibition (online gallery).

Satoshi Kon passed away 4 years ago.

Satoshi Kon - Editing Space & Time

Tony Zhou : “Four years after his passing, we still haven’t quite caught up to Satoshi Kon, one of the great visionaries of modern film. In just four features and one TV series, he developed a unique style of editing that distorted and warped space and time. Join me in honoring the greatest Japanese animator not named Miyazaki.”

Fake posters by Satoshi Kon in Millennium Actress.

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Kon’s Works, 1982-2010.
Finally, a true artbook dedicated to Satoshi Kon.

Artworks of “Seraphim” manga by Satoshi Kon and Mamoru Oshii (1995-1996).

Artworks of “Opus” manga by Satoshi Kon (1995-1996).

Satoshi Kon was also a great mangaka.
Some pages from his OPUS manga (1995) published in France few months ago.

"Satoshi Kon’s Retrospective" exhibition.
August 2011 - Tokyo

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It’s been 3 years since Satoshi Kon passed away …
Here is a 14min video from “Kon’s Retrospective” exhibition held in August 2011 in Tokyo.

At last, a true artbook dedicated to Satoshi Kon’s works is going to be released in Japan.

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